Peter Jones

We had a great time doing a room for Peter Jones. Along with our wonderful volunteers, we transformed a former recreation room in a detached garage into a mini studio apartment for Peter. We added a partial privacy wall, painted the entire room, added slip covers to existing couch and loveseat, and painted shelves and tables. The bedroom area was decorated in a Mississippi State theme, complete with MSU bedding. We also added a mini-kitchen area that includes a utility cart with a microwave and mini-fridge, and a small dining area with table and chairs. A self contained fully functional fireplace was added, as well as a new TV, rugs, and wall decorations to complete the look.
Peter’s “RoomMate”, providing the funding for the entire room, are Dr. Lee and Rose Ford from Golden Triangle Eye Clinic. Sponsors included Jack Leg Customs, Malco 8 Cinema, The Grill at Jackson Square, Peppers, Eden Medi Spa and Laser, Smackers, Cassie’s Cakes, Hank’s BBQ, and CJ’s Pizza.